Lots to catch up on…

Wow! It’s really been a long time since I wrote anything here! So much for my good intentions, again. Ah well, let’s have a quick catch up. The header, as you have probably noticed, is no longer a winter scene, but a more seasonal one. Okay so we missed out spring, so this is what I was up to at my ‘tiny-holding’ back at the end of March –

I had propagated more seedlings than my other half could tolerate, not only had they filled up the front porch (which I use as a mini greenhouse), but they had encroached upon the conservatory too!



Ooops!  So they had to go out, but they were far too tender, as it was the 24th of March.  Something had to be done.

So it was time to dig over the sorry remains of my first veg patch (in the back garden) from last summer, to prepare the ground for a polytunnel (purchased on sale at the end of last growing season).  Now, the soil where I live in the village is a very clay soil, just a bit of throwing or casting and a kiln and I’d have pots for every plant on that table in no time!  So the digging wasn’t exactly as easy as it would’ve been had I got sandy soil or a picture-perfect loam.  No matter, I set to –




Work was interrupted, of course, by our wondrous, ever-changing, crazy weather, but by the 31st of March (the same year!) we were in business –


Yay!!!!  With the flaps weighted down (and later buried) the tunnel should be able to stay up all year round and, with a bit of planning, work and luck, keep my little family in fresh produce through the seasons.

I even managed to acquire (legally) some crate-type raised bed-looking things for the inside –



Not the most chic or stylish look, but they serve my purposes and were free.  Happy days!

Since these pictures were taken there has been some switching around of crops in there.  The nasturtiums, which began to take over, have been moved outside, along with the Swiss chard, parsnips and beetroot.  The aubergine under the plastic bottle, died.  I took out everything from the right-hand border and replaced it with a pumpkin (which is growing rather large) in the far corner and alternate ‘Tamina’ and ‘Golden Sunrise’ tomato plants.  The tomatoes (Gardeners Delight, I think) down the centre are looking a bit sorry for themselves, instead of watering them this morning, as I usually do, they had an early evening drink.  I’m having a go at growing some watermelons, as you do.  There are also new sowings of lettuce, mange tout and chard.  In the top left corner are some cucumbers, which I hope will not be bitter like last years’, now I know about pinching off the male flowers!  There is a ‘Gypsy’ sweet pepper plant in a pot to the right of the door and a strawberry planter to the left, which had to be moved inside away from the flippin’ chickens.


Yes, I now share the back garden with, not only a massive trampoline (my daughter’s 9th birthday addition), but 2 feathery girls who scratch and scrat at everything!

Introducing Rebecca (Pecky-Becky) and Megan (Eggy-Meggy) – I know!!!


I sway between finding them annoying, as they crap everywhere and eat my veg, and adoring them.  They can be very restful to watch, especially as they sunbathe.  Meg isn’t doing very well with laying now, but we certainly won’t hold that against her.  Becky does pick, or peck, on her somewhat.  It is nice to have very fresh eggs, that you know come from very happy chucks.  Although, I did annoy them slightly today, by shutting them in their pen as I dabbled in some flower planting.

Let me explain.  I usually don’t have a great deal of time for growing anything that I can’t eat or use in the kitchen, never mind give it space in my garden.  However, I saved a load of plants that were destined for the skip after the closing of a farm shop nearby.  So after giving away some, I thought I’d plant up the border between the shed and the oil tank in the garden, a space usually devoted to veg (last year it was corn and cucumber).  I am feeling generous with this bit of space, due to my recent adventures in allotmenting (we’ll get to that).

Now, I have never done a border before, which is pretty obvious I think –


I just picked the plants that I liked and put them in!  Be kind, I’m having a bash and crossing my fingers that it’ll bloom in a couple of weeks.  If not, I’ll let the chickens at it, they can clear it for me!  Until then it has been secured from the two-girl demolition squad, who will probably get a big run built for them if they can’t keep their beaks and feet to themselves – I love them really!


It may never make it into Gardener’s World, but anything is better than the skip surely?!



About Jen Healey

Mum, friend, family member, night porter and former psych nurse to the rest of the world. Self-confessed Rushian, bibliophile, stargazer, veg grower, bassist, piano plinker, rock music lover, learner, potter, writer... basically interested in lots of different things! Philosophy is my religion - it encourages you to think and question, as opposed to nod and accept 'answers'.
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6 Responses to Lots to catch up on…

  1. Jen Wagstaff says:

    Reblogged this on Type B Negative and commented:
    Writing takes a bit of a back seat during the growing season…

  2. Wow, very impressive Jen. Takes alot of manpower and hard work to achieve this, but you’re well on your way now. Your chicks are sweet, their names are cute too. Your family will be flourishing and blooming with health, great for the children to experience this too.

  3. Rachel says:

    Looking fantastic! Very impressed with all your hard work! How is the watermelon coming along? Love the chickens too! (I’m not allowed any!). Mind you, even if I could cope with then wrecking my garden, I don’t think they’d survive too long with Jasper about).
    Reckon we are due another catch up v soon! Xxx

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